Lullaballads Review

by SharonW on November 7, 2011 · 10 comments

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Sail on a bed of roses through the starry night and sparkling waters.
Let the magic you see brighten your smile and warm your heart.
This is a world where fairies, dwarves and elves will guide you through the soft clouds to a land of glistening waterfalls.

I recently received a cd called Lullaballads: A magical children’s album that appeals to kids and adults alike. This is a project created through a worldwide collaboration of Dina-New Jersey, Theresa-St. Louis, Andrew-Colorado, Lance-New York and Olga-China.

‘Dreamland’ is illluminated with 11 sweet, charming and whimsical “ballads” designed to take listeners of all ages on a soothing, multi-faceted ethereal journey.


My opinion: I no longer have little babies in the house so I don’t regularly listen to lullabies….but this cd is different. This cd is the most relaxing music I have listened to in quite a while. The music is well written, beautifully presented and a relaxing treat for all ages. I will definitely be adding this to my regular rotation of music to listen to when I want to unwind.

I received a copy of this cd for the purpose of this review.

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