Making Soap go farther…

by SharonW on March 27, 2012 · 2 comments

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My kids love good smelling body wash but if I give them a whole bottle, it usually gets spilled and then wasted.

My solution? I save the small plastic bottles that the samples come in. I just refill them with the body wash of their choice. If it spills….. no big deal.

We also refill the foamy pump dish detergent or hand soap bottles. I am able to pour in an inch of the body wash or shampoo and the rest water. The foampy pump gives the kids fun suds and I save the body wash.

We take the empty laundry detergent bottles and fill them up with water. When you shake up the bottle, there is enough residual detergent to make a great hand soap for when you are out fishing or working in the yard.

What’s your easiest money saving/ mind saving trick to help your body wash go farther?

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