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by SharonW on May 16, 2011 · 3 comments

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My friend Megan wanted to be reminded about the Roku player – so here is a repost from last Fall.

Watch 100,00 of Movies & Shows instantly on your T

When you subscribe to Netflix, you get your option of how many DVD’s you want to receive at one time. For $8.99 plus tax each month, Netflix will send you 1 DVD in the mail.  As soon as you finish watching that DVD, you put it back in a postage paid mailer.  Netflix will send you another DVD as soon as they receive your movie. You can keep doing that as many times as you want.

BONUS:  With any Netflix subscription, you get access to tons of movies, episodes and shows that you can instantly watch on your computer (or connect to your tv).   No extra cost.

We started off just watching Netflix on our computer or hooking it up to our TV.  But about a year ago, we purchased the Roku player so we can watch our Netflix instant movies/television shows on our TV easier. 

The Roku player will cost less than $100 but since we don’t pay for any cable, it paid for itself in less than 2 months.  We are able to watch full episodes with no advertisements on our schedule – childrens shows (Dora, Backyardigans, Waverly Place), new series (like Bones, Lie to Me, Lost, 24 etc….) old series (MacGyver, Rockford Files). 

Netflix and Roku are not for everyone, but they work for us and save us money!

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