Are you missing store deals?

by SharonW on September 3, 2011 · 3 comments

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This week I have been watching several of the deals at Kroger and Walmart. I haven’t blogged about them because they have been unavailable.

Confused? Well, actually so am I sometimes.


Advertised deal – Gillette Body Wash
on sale for 1.99 (when you buy 4)
We always do our weekly shopping very early on Sunday morning. This week I decided to stop in at Kroger at 8 am and the Gilette Body Wash was ALREADY wiped out. I talked to my Kroger connection and she confirmed that several early Sunday morning shoppers had already checked out with all of the Body Wash that had been in stock.

Out of curiousity, I stopped in our Kroger on Tuesday and again earlier yesterday (Friday) and they are of course still out of stock.

True, you can get a raincheck, but some of the coupons expired on 7/31. So, many of you who had those coupons are just out of luck.


Cascade Action Packs – .97 for the small travel size
There was a coupon for $1.00 off any Cascade in Sundays paper.

While shopping early on Sunday morning, I checked and Walmart was out of stock. At the checkout line, I ended up in line behind several people who each had a big stack of the Cascade packs.

When I stopped in at Walmart again this week, they were still out.


Some of you have asked why I don’t post as many store deals as I used to post. That is the answer. I refuse to post deals that most of us aren’t able to get. I know it is frustrating to see a great store deal, and then rush to the store and find that they are all out of stock.

So here’s a thought for us all….. Just because you ‘can’, does it mean you ‘should’? If you have 8 coupons for a free item, should you get all 8 at the same time? If you do, is that ok or not?

I know that most of us are using coupons to just help our families, but is it better to sometimes take only a few so others can enjoy the deals too? After all, how much body wash does one family need in a month’s time?

I know this is going to push a few buttons, but I think in a small town like Danville where there are only a few stores to shop the deals that we need to talk about this. There is absolutely no way that Kroger and Walmart can stock enough of the free advertised specials to let all of us get as many as we want.

What do you think? I think I’m ready to hear your responses!

Let’s try to keep as nice as possible while sharing our opinions.

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